5 Indispensable Interview Questions Related to Current Context

There is good news in the job market that can be taken advantage of. Eajobscorner.com gives you thousands of job information. Once you have applied with a CV to show that you are a relevant candidate for the desired job, you have a good chance of being called for an interview. And in the current context, these questions should not take too long to come. Here’s how to prepare for the interview in this article!


In addition to questions related to your experience, the employer will ask you questions that they want to know about you and see how you have dealt professionally during this difficult time. Skills acquired in unusual situations over the past year and a half are crucial to qualifying for the work you need to do. So don’t hesitate to score them in the answers given to the employer.


5 Indispensable Interview Questions Related to Current Context


How did you cope with this difficult time?

Breaking the ice in conversation is one of these questions. It is important to show in response that you are a free person who likes to establish relationships with people. You should not avoid talking about difficult times and fears. But don’t go into too much detail. Highlight the steps you have taken in an easy time, the way you have adapted. It shows how you think and which method helps you solve problems.


How has the epidemic affected your career plans?

The employer may also ask you questions about what you want from your future job and if he or she can give you what you are looking for. Know this is one of them. You can say that last year you realized how things can change fast and even if it is fixed (no promotion, salary increase) it has helped you to further your career and create new your desire to learn the skills. Has been strengthened. You make a good idea by specifying which course you expect and how it will help you improve


What skills did you learn during this time?

It is important to note that learning is your habit regardless of social or economic context. Think about how you can do better now than you did last year and talk about the new skills you have learned. If you don’t learn anything new, details about how you responded to unusual situations, such as increased workload due to declining manpower, more reserved shopping customers, new teammates you don’t know, and offline.


How did you manage the stress?

If the job involves managing multiple tasks at the same time or in unexpected situations, the employer will want to see how you respond to the stress, if you have the ability to control your emotions and focus on resolving the situation. Start with an example of a situation where you feel like you have experienced a stressful moment, choosing a positive example and taking care to adapt to the job you have applied for. Focus on what you did, not what you did. The interviewer wants to know how you did it and what you did to resolve the situation. Talk about the skills you have used or learned, such as time management, organization, priorities, and attention to detail.


What have you learned from the last year and a half?

Employers are looking for people who spend a hard time at work, open to learn from experience and get the best out of their careers. Maybe the epidemic was the motivation for a career change, it gave you more time to realize the emotion or you realized how much you value time with your family and what you learned from each member is how you gained from that time We think so!


Instead, you can ask the employer the following questions that will help you show interest in the job and qualify shortlisted candidates:


  • How has the epidemic affected the organization?
  • How did you customize it?
  • What activities have you skipped or suspended and can it help you complete?


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