A Self-Story Question During a Job Interview / This is the Best way to Answer

A Self-Story Question During a Job Interview: There are many job interview questions that job seekers fear. One of these is the “tell me about yourself” question. While this is predictable, it often bothers you.


Although you may have to answer this question beforehand, it’s easy to panic when you ask yourself to wrap yourself in a compact and neat package.


To solve the “Tell me about yourself” question, help employers know exactly what they’re looking for, and how to respond to them.


When an ’employer’ asks this question at the end of a job interview, it means that they are very interested in hearing your life story.


Quick interrogation is a way for employers to determine the tone of an interview and how candidates can get an idea of ​​their own perspective.


If someone’s answer focuses on their struggle to find and keep a job, it could indicate a lack of confidence.


The candidate who uses the question as an excuse to question his childhood and personal life is out of focus.


The “tell me about yourself” question may seem dubious but interviewers can use the freedom to their advantage.


This is a good opportunity to promote yourself and bring up points that you may not get in other interviews.


When the interviewer wants to hear more about you, tell a short, strong story about your professional life during a job interview.


It should not be just a summary of your resume. The passion that you have gained in the field, the challenges that have helped you grow in your career, and attracted you to the role – you can name whatever the company wants to do.


Recommend formula


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In fact, there are recommendations that are so well-known that they answer this question in many ways, such as the present, past, future, or past and future answers. In the end, every part of your story should revolve around your professional goals for the job you are looking for. The application should be reflected.


Employers sometimes use this question as an ice-breaker, so don’t be afraid to show humor and personality in your answers.


But don’t sweat it too much: the important thing to remember is that “tell me about yourself” isn’t as difficult as it sounds.

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