AFDB Bank Recruitment Group Chief Risk Officer, PGRF

African Development Bank is recruiting for the vacancy of Group Chief Risk Officer, PGRF, interested candidate should apply through the link given below. Stay on this page for more information such as duties, responsibilities, and selection criteria, etc.


AFDB Bank Recruitment Group Chief Risk Officer, PGRF


Position title: Group Chief Risk Officer, PGRF
Grade: EL4
Position N°: 50092333
Reference: ADB/20/047
Duty station: Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire
Application closing date: 23-May-2020


Group Risk Management Function (PGRF) policies include risk assessment, market risk, and operational risk-related policies and guidelines, development of procedures and procedures as well as ensuring internal continuity of bank risk management policies and guidelines including and developed by other departments.


Responsibilities and responsibilities

The group’s chief risk officer is at the top of the defense second line with the big activities and deliverables mentioned above. (S) He serves as a member of the Senior Management and as a significant supporter of the Chairman and Board of Directors. (S) He also serves as a strategic promoter, focusing primarily on risk management issues and addressing the challenges that affect the implementation of overall corporate strategies and the achievement of business goals.

In summary, under the overall supervision and direction of the President, the Group Chief Risk Officer performs the following functions:


Staff management and supervision:

Planning, organizing and coordinating event activities;

Lead the overall goal setting and development of the annual program;

Overseeing the implementation of work schedules and ensuring that deadlines are met;

Determining training requirements and leading the development of credit risk capacity building programs;

Provide coaching, counseling and dispute resolution;

Assess the performance of unit heads and staff in the front office, and ensure the achievement of PGRF objectives; And

Ensuring technical qualifications, professionalism, and high ethical standards for all staff members at the event.


Credit Risk Committee Organization (CRC):

Inspection of CRC Secretariat

Ensuring smooth processing of CRC activities

Prepare annual report of CRC

CRC references and work process updates and

Provide analytical support to the CRC and the Bank’s Steering Committee (OPSCOM) as well as technical working groups;


Non-sovereign debt excludes the development of risk management policies and strategies:

Propose strategies aimed at ensuring sound banking management of credit risk in line with AFDB’s non-sovereign management and AFDB’s group strategy;

Credit Risk Assessment and Monitoring Procedures and Procedures;

Develop and promote portfolio review procedures, policies and guidelines for banks’ private sector lending, credit risk portfolio review, credit quality, risk limits, guarantees, and equity investment activities; And

Proposing a credit risk model and system that incorporates input into the bank’s capital adequacy policy.


Excludes credit risk management for new non-sovereign operations:

All proposed banks offer non-sovereign debt activities, guarantees and risk ratings for equity investments;

Provide advice and recommendations for management to formulate each proposal and provide appropriate risk mitigation for newly proposed debt transactions, guarantees, and equity investment activities;

Advising on fair pricing in the light of risk, structure and market conditions and fair equity pricing equity valuation;

The approval of each new transaction complies with the credit process;

Monitoring compliance with loan amounts for non-sovereign activities with prescribed risk limits;

To guide and assist with compliance and anti-money laundering procedures; Formulate and maintain compliance with the sector and product debt management policies and guidelines and monitor and report on compliance;


Credit risk management excludes for the bank’s existing non-sovereign portfolio:

Reviews the credit risk of all existing bank loan, guarantee, and equity investment activities and regularly updates their credit rating;

Monitoring the effectiveness of the bank’s equity portfolio, overseeing periodic equity valuation practices and ensuring compliance with internal policy and valuation procedures with best industry practices;

Warn the Risk Committee, Country and Sector Director and the SU Head when there is a serious credit loss inactivity and there are impending defaulters in the bank’s portfolio;

Provide independent strategic advice to operational and risky parties about assets whose quality is deteriorating, especially if the quality of assets becomes such that rehabilitation is required (projects are classified as “rehabilitation”);

Evaluate the adequacy of the provisions of non-sovereign projects and propose adjustments as required;


Key conversations and contacts:

Ensures that all organizational units of the bank inform management about all risks;

All organizational units under the President;

External auditors to review and validate the effectiveness of internal controls

Provide financial information;

To exchange views on all aspects of risk management and implementation of objectives, but not limited to key external partners, including credit, management and market risk, asset and liability management policies, and ICFR; And

Rating agencies with an annual review of the bank’s credit ratings.


Criteria for selection

Must have at least a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Risk Management, Aquarius Science, International Finance, Mathematics, Business or Economics;

Minimum 15 years of working experience, 10 years in private sector banking or multilateral development banking;

Good knowledge of risk assessment and management, internal capital adequacy assessment process, analysis, transaction structure and discussion in emerging and underdeveloped markets;

Strong interpersonal skills including higher degree personal commitment, clear strategic vision, and proven communication, leadership, management and supervision skills;

Troubleshooting: Applying business knowledge to problem-solving and identifying solutions for the benefit of customers (internal and external) and the organization, with a strong second line of defense operations;

Communication: Provides clear and concise oral and written communication; Presents verbal information with clarity and appropriate style and adapts language and style to the needs of a specific audience;

Operational Efficiency: Commitment to ensuring that the full use of systems, processes, and cultures within the organization is used to deliver the desired results;

Ability to analyze complex data to identify key issues/actions and drive resolutions, including problem-solving and decision-making skills;

Significant knowledge and best practice risk management experience;

Ability to communicate effectively (written and oral) in English or French with knowledge of the work of others;

Able to use standard Microsoft Office suite applications (Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint); Knowledge of SAP or similar enterprise resource planning software, integrated document management systems or quantitative and qualitative data analysis packages will be an added benefit;

Intense business acumen and critical thinking with process orientation;

Able to stay calm under pressure.


How to apply

Interested persons who want to apply this vacancy should click here to apply online.

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