Assistant Manager Duties, Powers and Salary

Assistant Manager Duties, Powers and Salary – Looking for info about an assistant manager? If so, please scroll through this article and find all the answers and more details about the responsibilities, abilities, and salary of an assistant manager.


In short, the assistant manager is the one who manages and conducts the work related to the head of the subdivision. He can also be called the right hand of the manager


The assistant manager’s job is to help the chief manager ensure that the company or retail is running smoothly. In this case, it involves providing stuffing and service (customers).


Also, people holding the position of assistant manager also often handle salary accuracy issues for hiring new staff. The assistant manager is not usually responsible for overseeing the training program.


Assistant Manager Duties, Powers and Salary


Responsibilities of an Assistant Manager

The above section is just a glimpse of the duties and responsibilities of the Assistant Manager. Because in reality the assistant manager also has other responsibilities, such as:


  1. Assistance Manager Work

It has been explained above that the Assistant Manager is responsible for assisting the work of the Chief Manager.


These tasks usually include larger tasks such as:

Support plans, work and keep a strategy for the company

Help collect data on employee performance

Manage coordination around staff-related activities and rules

Compile data analysis and work reports

Arranging and coordinating the evaluation of the activities of the organization


From all of the above work agendas, data is then compiled and a report can be created on the content. Once everything is organized, it will only be given to the manager to explain.


  1. Supporting the performance of a manager

It not only assists the work of the manager, but the assistant manager is also responsible for supporting the performance of the chief manager.


They (assistant managers) are usually assigned to handle issues:

Recruitment of new staff

Create a strategy to develop employee performance

Employee performance monitoring and evaluation

Ensuring a comfortable work environment is always comfortable

Plan activities related to company management

Build good communication between customers and employees

Oversee the financial affairs of the organization

Assists in monitoring expenditure related matters including a departmental budget, human resources, and management expenditure


  1. As a means of communication

In addition to communicating with senior executives and clients, the assistant manager is often confronted directly with staff (under their position). For that, they should be able to make good communication.


Typically, the communication that is given to employees is in the form of policies and regulations that the organization has established for employees. Assistant managers are also bridges of aspiration between employees and superiors


He is also dedicated to the service of all interests related to the organization and the employees. Finally, establish (consolidate) relationships between subordinates, superiors, and customers.


In addition, the assistant manager also often changes the responsibilities of the chief manager:

Lead a meeting (internal)

Meet with clients if the manager is not available

Take part in ceremonies like formal ceremonies

Meeting guests or customers (without prior agreement)

Handling agency-related issues such as complaints, criticism, and advice


For the above tasks, you only do those when the chief manager is unable to attend, is ill, or out of town.


The Assistant Manager also has the authority to control the SPV, Superintendent, and Head of Department. This authority must be subject to the direct approval of the manager of the department.


He also has the authority to change the work order which has also been approved by the department manager. But still, the department does not have the authority to dismiss the members (departments).


What skills should an assistant manager with such a big responsibility have?


An assistant manager must-have skills

In addition to a qualified educational background, potential assistant managers must-have skills or competencies such as:


Leadership skills

The skill that an assistant manager must have is the ability to lead. This skill is a must because he is the right-hand man who is authorized to represent the Chief Manager


Organizational skills

Because working as an organization, challenges and problems will always be present. For that, as a helper, you have to be very smart to look for solutions and focus on challenges and problems.


The attention of customers or subordinates

As an assistant manager, he should also have a caring attitude towards his subordinates. It should be able to provide motivation and encouragement to all employees and employees, especially when the business of the organization is in trouble.


Since they are used as examples of their subordinates, assistant managers will treat both colleagues and customers in a friendly manner. In both cases the solution to the complaint or question.


Broadly speaking, assistant managers need to have interpersonal, decision-making and communication skills. These skills are the main subject after the background and education of the Assistant Manager candidate. Assistant Manager Duties, Powers and Salary


Assistant Manager of Salary and Benefits

Salary is one of the most interesting topics to discuss, especially as an assistant manager. Although it is said to be high, the salary of an assistant manager is equal to the standard salary in Nigeria.


Depending on the salary standard in Nigeria, the salary of an assistant manager can reach 6 to 12 million per month. This salary will be available if you work for at least 3 to 5 years.


In addition to the basic salary you will get other benefits:

Bonus salary

Transportation fees

Food allowance

The path of career in the organization


What are the conditions for becoming an assistant manager with such a large salary and benefits? Let’s immediately scroll to the next paragraph.


Must be an assistant manager

With the salary of an assistant manager, it can reach several million rupees a month. However, with such a large salary, there are requirements to become an assistant manager, such as:

Male or female

All majors must have a minimum education of D3 or S1

Minimum GPA of 3.00

Have experience in the field


Can be disciplined and work in groups or individually


In addition to the requirements mentioned above, potential applicants need to meet a few more requirements such as:

Experience in the same field (Assistant Manager)

Experience in performance appraisal and recruitment

Have good communication skills

Must have skills and knowledge about data analysis

Skilled and knowledgeable about customer service and financial matters

Ability to solve any problem

Good to decide

Must have skills in IT or computer science

Tech is not aware

Must have foreign language skills

MS can manage the office

Has organizational skills and a leadership consciousness

Mathematics Specialist (Plus Point)


Therefore, if you feel that this information about the post of Assistant Manager is beneficial for you, then please share it.

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