Becoming a Teacher Is a Viable Option for Any Career

Becoming a Teacher Is a Viable Option for Any Career


  • What Should I Prepare to Become a Teacher?
  • Why Consider Teaching as a Career Option?
  • Consider This If You Want To Be a Teacher


If you want to become a teacher, then read this article completely, in which the advantages and disadvantages have been told along with the method of becoming a teacher. You can apply for GES Recruitment as the Ghana Education Service Recruitment Application is ongoing.


Sometimes in life, a teacher has inspired us to study a career, take an interest in a particular subject or try hard. He is the one who opened the doors of knowledge for us to read, count, and in general.


From elementary to college, teachers are essential for learning; In addition, it is a profession in which you can practice whatever career you have studied.


If you have experienced the teaching profession, or you are offered a job as a teacher, but you are still unsure if this is for you, this post will help you learn more about this world.


As you can see, becoming a teacher is a viable option for any career.


What should I prepare to become a teacher?


It depends on the level of education you want to teach. For example, if you want to teach in preschool or elementary school, you need to become a teacher or generalist.


These are usually taught in general schools or where degrees in pedagogy are taught, as may be the case. With this training, you can work in both public education and private schools. Many universities consider teaching to be a viable option for any career, so some study plans in different fields include teaching topics.


Similarly, there are teaching and higher-secondary education postgraduate courses designed to enable you to disseminate knowledge in the best possible way.


For middle and high school, you can study a subject that suits the degree you are studying. Are you a chemical engineer? Completely, you can teach math, physics, and/or chemistry. These subjects can also be taught if you have studied degrees in Geology, Physics, FFB, etc.


If you have studied graphic design or art-related classes, you can teach painting or plastic arts workshops as well as various aesthetic activities; Workshops such as drawings or related topics can be taught by an architect.


Lawyers can teach civics education and ethics classes in high school, while they can teach law at the upper-middle level. If you have studied a career related to letters, you can study language subjects (even a communication graduate) at both levels, focusing on philosophical reasoning, ethics, etc.


History subjects can be taught by historians, sociologists, philosophical anthropologists, and even political science graduates.


These are just some of the things you can do with your bachelor’s degree. But more than that, it should be noted that everyone has a different approach and, therefore, learning will be enriched, thanks to the fact that the content is based on the teacher’s experience in their field, their specialized knowledge and even That is combined with their preparation. With. A teacher.


It is also possible to teach at a university. You will usually be a subject teacher in your career, although you can do it in other degrees. Importantly, this is a great option. Do you remember the class you loved most in your bachelor’s degree? Well, you can teach it at a university.


The possibilities here are different; some professors have only a bachelor’s degree and others have a master’s degree. You also have to understand that there are different types of professors in universities, as the subjects can be full-time, researchers, etc. Requirements vary from one organization to another. As you can see, becoming a teacher is a viable option for any career.


Why consider teaching as a career option?


The first reason, perhaps the most important, is the teaching profession. If you like to impart knowledge, then this profession is for you. Another important reason is the work you do in the community. As a teacher, you not only teach students the subjects involved in your subject but also become critical people and help them develop their own analytical skills.


But beyond that, we can offer you some more benefits of dedicating yourself to teaching. In addition, as we have already mentioned, all careers have a different approach and this allows you to combine those elements by accessing the curriculum and passing it on to your students. Which will be relevant to your students.


Continuous training

Teachers often take teacher refresher courses, a must in some education systems, while other schools teach them to keep their staff up to date. This is an advantage because, in general, educational institutions cover the registration fee. In addition, certificates are awarded in these courses, so your CV is expanding.



Teacher holidays are usually set by the student’s school calendar. In other words, your vacation days are longer than other jobs. This period may vary depending on the level at which you teach. Of course, consider that not all organizations pay holiday-related salaries, which can be detrimental; But don’t worry, the most common thing is that you get your salary every month.



As a teacher you have the opportunity to interact with the entire teaching staff; With them, you can develop interdisciplinary strategies to improve student learning, as well as support each other in resolving conflicts inside and outside the classroom. Everyone’s experience improves their teaching process.


Job offer

Educational institutions are a great option for working for the above, but also because there is a lot of mobility in the teaching field. In the case of private schools, it is possible to change schools as easily as possible. Also, the workload is lower than other areas of work.



Hours are more flexible, allowing you to do more activities throughout the day. Also, schools usually allow you to choose the hours of the day in which you prefer to teach their courses or which are convenient for you. That way, you can manage your daily routine based on your teaching hours or vice versa.


Consider this if you want to be a Teacher

Like everything else in life, teaching has its disadvantages, including:



Teachers’ salaries vary widely between institutions and the type of teacher; In other words, a public high school teacher is not as well paid as a private high school teacher or university professor.


The most common thing about pay is that it’s for teaching hours, that is, the time you spend in front of the group. Very little is paid for time spent preparing for classes, grade assignments, or review exams.


Teachers who already hold their position, regardless of their level, have a fixed salary with the number of hours already on contract.


Job stability

This is a vague point. Educational institutions may use different recruitment schemes which may be uncertain, per school year, etc. This may be difficult at the beginning of your career due to the holiday pay issue we have already mentioned; Similarly, developing seniority at work is sometimes difficult.


Stability comes when you get teaching status, as the salary is fixed and the contract is already finalized, which means you have a guaranteed job for the future. But getting a position is complicated, so the consistency you can achieve will depend on your performance as a teacher.


As you can see, being a teacher is a viable option for any career; No matter where you study, your knowledge and experience can be of great help to new generations. It’s just a matter of being motivated to try, you can be a better teacher than you can imagine and ultimately motivate your students to study their careers and become teachers.

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