Best Job Opportunities in 2021 for IT (Information Technology) Field

Technological development brings many new career opportunities. The need is even greater in the IT sector during this pandemic. Many companies implement work from a home system for their employees and all this requires adequate system support.


Companies should improve on various technologies that can help their business run smoothly, especially when some employees have to do WFH as of now.


The above positions open up more job opportunities for those of you who have skills in the IT sector. The demand for manpower in this sector is also estimated to be much higher as compared to the previous years.


If you are a fresh graduate who is about to enter the world of work, you will have more opportunities to develop a career this year.


Following are some of the IT skills that have promising job opportunities in 2021:


Best Job Opportunities in 2021 for IT (Information Technology) Field


Cyber ​​Security

This IT skill is included in the highest list of technology trends in 2020. The need for cybersecurity skills has really grown exponentially with the growth of digital services within most companies.


Currently, almost all companies use technology in processing the data they have, where all of them will definitely need protection. These people with cybersecurity skills are capable of doing it.


If you have the skills in this field, then this year the opportunity to get a good job even with a high salary is very open.


Data Science and Data Analytics

Data science is a field that specifically seeks insight and information by relying on various tools, such as algorithms, as well as the principles of machine learning.


People with these skills will be in high demand in many industries including the finance/banking industry as well as healthcare. Basically, this skill will help the company in decision-making.


Data science requires many different basic skills, including the ability to collect and analyze data, store, organize, and even interpret it.


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Big Data

Big data is also a skill that is much needed in 2021. Most companies hold huge amounts of money, all of which need to be processed round the clock. This is usually done to improve the business or build a better system for the future.


To support this business growth, skills in the field of big data will be needed to help companies perform the analysis needed to make decisions.


Cloud Computing

The use of cloud technology has also increased rapidly during this pandemic, as many companies are using it. This technique is applied by companies to get more new and definitely bigger sources of income than before.


In 2021, the demand for cloud technology is even higher than in previous years. This will open more job opportunities for those of you who have skills in the cloud computing field.


Internet of Things and Edge Computing

Many companies will also need this skill in 2021, as the need for cloud technology is also increasing rapidly. Edge computing will solve the latency caused by cloud computing so that data processing can be done more efficiently.


This technology will be needed for data processing that is relatively time-sensitive, carried out in remote areas that have only minimal connectivity or even those that are not connected to a central network.


The demand for skills in this sector will continue to increase, especially following the massive increase in Internet of Things (IoT) usage.


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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

Machine learning is an attempt to inform the computer how to use the various data contained in it, where it will be needed in decision making.


Whereas AI refers more to programs created to accomplish various tasks, such as facial recognition, image recognition, image classification, and others.


Both these technologies are capable of working faster than humans, hence they are widely used by companies. People with skills in AI and Machine Learning are also predicted to get higher salaries in 2021.


Software Development (Website and Mobile Device)

The business world will really need this skill, especially for a growing business. A developer will have multiple tasks at once, including designing the system, installing, testing, maintaining the system during use.


In addition, developers will also help companies make systems and business processes simpler and more efficient than ever before. Skills in this area will be in high demand in 2021.


More Job Opportunities with Promising Salary

For those of you who have expertise in the IT sector, 2021 could be the best moment for you to make a professional career.


Many companies require skills in this area, even with fairly high salaries offered. Equip yourself with the best of your abilities and be ready to plunge into the real world of work, to be successful in the field you are in.

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