Future of Work: 10 Skills to Stay Competitive

The world of work is constantly changing and we are called the “Fourth Industrial Revolution“. According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), in order to be competitive in a constantly evolving work environment, it is also necessary to develop a range of transversal skills known as “soft skills“, to work actively and to adapt. A difference. Let’s take a look at 10 key skills to be successful, even in the future, in the job market.


10 basic skills according to the World Economic Forum


The World Economic Forum report lists 10 skills known as the “future of work”.


1) Problem Solving

The most requested skills according to WEF would be to explain the situation in terms of growing elusive business, manage the crisis and know how to solve the problems.


2) Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is the ability to use logic and make decisions by analyzing different possibilities without stopping at the first possible option. To develop this skill requires broadening one’s horizons, avoiding and avoiding the trap of superstition and analyzing the benefits and benefits of each possible solution.


3) Creativity

Creativity is the skill that companies request because it is one that ensures that they can enable innovative solutions over time and beat competitors.


4) Human Resource Management

Especially for managers and leaders, employees need to be managed with the utmost efficiency. Like? Learn to value people, inspire them and offer them the most appropriate work to highlight their potential.


5) Teamwork

Knowing how to interact and build relationships with others is a necessary skill to achieve every goal of an organization.


6) Sensitive Intelligence

The aspect of our intellect associated with emotion will become increasingly valuable in the future. Indeed, the soft skills selected by Future of Jobs also include emotional intelligence, which is the ability to record, understand, and manage emotions.


7) Decision Making and Decision-Making Skills

Reading the situation clearly and making strategic decisions, even in complex situations, will become the skill to meet the growing demand among companies.


8) In the Service of Others

In a crowded and deadly market, the ability to understand and meet the needs of others (whether they are colleagues or customers) will be an essential lever for success and a valuable skill to establish oneself in the world of work.


9) Conversation

Mediation in any aspect of our approach, including work, should not be underestimated by strategic skill. Whether it’s dealing with price and cost, or combining two seemingly unchanging positions, the negotiation industry is becoming increasingly demanding and valuable.


10) Cognitive Flexibility

The “Future of the Future” report closes with flexibility that corrects immediate actions and objectives as an ability to adapt and effectively to emergencies and unforeseen events.


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