How to check whether nPower Batch C Biometric Enrollment is successful or not

If you have come to this page then surely you want to confirm or looking for guidelines on whether your Npower Batch C Biometric Enrollment is successful or not for the final selection stage?


In this post containing NPower Batch C Fingerprint Verification information, you will get the latest updates and how to ensure that your Biometrics, Fingerprint was successfully captured in NASIM Portal or not.


We have received many requests from applicants who want to know why applicants will not be posted as Npower Batch C Beneficiaries. We have tried to answer it in the following line.


Applicants who have not successfully enrolled their Biometrics in NASIMS portal.


Apart from this, requests have also been received for the following queries:


  • How do I know whether my fingerprints were successfully captured in the NASIM portal?
  • How can I check my biometric enrollment status on my NASIM Dashboard?
  • Is fingerprint capturing the same as biometric enrollment?
  • Where can I find the Npower Biometric Enrollment Form? etc.


We will do our best to answer all these questions to ensure that no applicant is left behind.


How to Verify that your nPower Batch C Biometric Enrollment is Successful

For those of you who solved your problem and weren’t sure if your fingerprints were successfully captured when enrolling your NPO biometric, here is a step-by-step process on how to check the status of your Npower Batch C biometric enrollment.


  1. Visit
  2. Log in with your email or application ID and password
  3. Click “Verify” to make sure your biometric is successful


If your fingerprint biometric enrollment is completed successfully, it shows a prompt like “Fingerprint Capture” and so on.


Note that successfully enabled fingerprint enrollment requires your right-hand thumb, right index left thumb, and left index.


Remember, the biometric date enrollment of Empower Batch C applicants only requires you to verify a few details and after that, you will be better off going.

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