How to Download Npower PPA Deployment Letter

N-Power: If you are facing any problem in downloading your Npower PPA deployment letter due to which you are not able to download the PPA deployment letter, then you can download it by following the easy steps given here.


The N-Power deployment exercise is currently still underway in some parts of the country as some applicants have been notified to download the posting letter, location of their Primary Assignment (PPA) in the NASIMS portal.


Through this article, we are sharing with you information on how to download your Primary Location (PPA), Deployment Letter in NASIMS Portal. Simple steps have been given in this topic which you have to follow carefully.


If you have successfully completed the Biometric Verification process then you are eligible to download your PPA Deployment Letter.


Successful applicants who go through this process are expected to visit the official website of N-Power to download their PPA Deployment Letter.


As per the recent report by N-Power Batch C Management should immediately report at the place of your Primary Assignment (PPA) if you have successfully downloaded your PPA Deployment Letter.


How to Download Npower PPA Deployment Letter

Proceed to download your PPA deployment letter by following the simple steps given below:


  1. Visit the N-Power Portal
  2. Now log in to your dashboard and select ‘Deployment’
  3. A dialog box will be displayed on the dashboard with a congratulatory message as follows:


“Dear Applicants, We have verified your details and your application has been considered successful. Please see below for your posting details.”


After the above message, you will be redirected to download your PPA Deployment Form.

Then click on “Download”. After downloading the document, save it and send it to any cyber cafe nearby for printing.


Applicants who are not posted yet need not despair they are expected to be patient as the deployment process is still going on your number may come.


I hope the information was very helpful to you?


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