How to prepare a personal interview in opposition?

How to prepare a personal interview in opposition?” – Without a doubt, personal interviews are one of the most difficult tests in opposition; Actually this is the final exam that we must pass to get


This is so difficult because of the degree of the subject because it will depend to a large extent on what interviewers we have. Yet it remains one of the most important tests of opposition, regardless of the situation.


How to prepare a personal interview in opposition?


Personal interview in opposition is one of the toughest tests that does not mean that we should be afraid of it. In fact, there are many opposition academies today that produce such tests; However, we can also do this on our own.


Certainly framing a personal interview of the opposition will give us the tools to get out of the way when the interviewers try to annoy us and have doubts about everything we have. But what should we prepare for a personal interview?


Practice communication


Without a doubt, oral expression and body language will be evaluated by examiners from the moment we open the office door to the interview; A bad admission, a bad gesture or a bad farewell cannot make us fit. In fact, it is one of the classes in which psychologists are most frequently fixed.


Take care of your vocabulary


We should use common words for personal interviews in opposition; Of course without saying any kind of bad word.


But at the same time, we should use some technology that shows that we know what we are being asked but, yes, without any pretense.


Review previous interviews


Nowadays it is very easy to locate an endless real interview, which can greatly help in preparing our personal interview in opposition. To know what we are asked or in what tone preparations are made.



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Opposition personal interview questions


One of the most sought-after questions in the opposition’s personal interview is to know what we are going to ask on D-Day. But although there are some questions that are repeated for all opponents, there are many others that are unique to each opponent.


Commonly repeated questions in personal interviews are:


  • Why have you decided to familiarize yourself with this protest?
  • Are you satisfied with your note reaching here?
  • Which department would you like to work in?
  • What do you like about this job?
  • What qualities would you reveal to yourself?


Despite this, it is very difficult to predict what we are going to ask as the questions are adapted based on the results obtained in a psychological test already done.


According to the results obtained in this test, the examiner will ask us about some aspects or other; Trying to highlight our weak points.


Of course, you should review some of the reasons why they may suspend you in opposition interviews and heed our advice to keep calm, be polite and show yourself as you are.


If, for example, we find an adversary who is insecure, they will be asked questions that they suspect or the same question will be asked many times or if, on the contrary, we find a very active person, they will Will try to assume where they are? Allow yourself to be taken away from the situation and not respond coldly and logically.

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