Lagos State Internship Programme 2020 for 4,000 Graduates (GIPPLASG)

Lagos State Government Internship Programme 2020 – Lagos employs 4,000 unemployed graduates through one of its internship programs


Lagos State establishes a Graduate Internship Program for young people in which they will get the benefit of a monthly stipend of N40.


Lagos State Government Internship Programme 2020:  Approved the Internship Program (GIPPLASG) for 4,000 unemployed graduates in Lagos under GIPP, an internship placement program to reduce the unemployment rate of Lagos State.


This internship program is revealed in a statement by Ms. Yatinde Arobieck, through the official Twitter Controller of the State Commission of Government Twitter, the Honorable Commissioner for Employment and Wealth Creation.


The GIPP is designed to provide opportunities for developing the necessary employment and employment preparation skills to ensure profitable employment, Aurobiak said.


The state government has organized a program in which the candidates are asked to help them develop the skills required to ensure stable employment.


Requirements for Lagos State Internship Programmes 2020


Applicants must have an NYSC certificate or letter of exemption.

Applicants must be state registered with the Lagos State Residential Registration Agency, LASRRA.

The undergraduate internship placement program is for six months, of which one is monthly

For the duration of the internship, a stipend of N40 will be provided.

Interested candidates can apply for the program through a dedicated link (portal):


How to apply

Interested candidates can apply for this program on the portal but do not forget that you must have an NYSC certificate or exemption letter and have a resident registry, LASRRA to be a registered resident.


He said the internship program is part of the current administration’s THEMES. The agenda will cover the third and fourth pillars, and monthly stipends will be provided to the beneficiaries during this period. (6-months practice.)

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