Malaria Consortium Jobs 2022 – How to Get & Apply

How to get Malaria Consortium Jobs 2022 & what is the method to apply through Malaria Consortium job portal ( in Nigeria


It is a non-profit organization founded in 2003. The organization specializes in the prevention, control, and treatment of malaria and other infectious diseases among vulnerable populations.


The MalariaConsortium has more and more discovered that its work on malaria can be successfully built with related public welfare interventions for better effect and our remix has been expanded to include the youth so well To be carried out and untested for tropical disease interventions.


Malaria Consortium Jobs 2022


Have you ever thought to join Malaria Consortium or searched for a job for this organization. If yes and you are unable to get a job then this page can prove to be very important for you.


Because here you will get a job and related information in Malaria Consortium which will make it easy for you to know about the job opportunity in this organization in the future.


All you have to do is to keep this page till the last and carefully inspect it so that you can have complete knowledge of how to look for and apply for a job on the Malaria Consortium Recruitment website.


How to get MalariaConsortium Jobs using Portal

For this, you have to follow the following instructions with the following steps:


Step 1. You have to go to the Malaria Consortium website which is discussed above.

Step 2. Now you click on the vacancies.

Step 3. Here a list of vacancies currently available will be visible, out of which you can apply for your eligible vacancy.

Step 4. You can check the vacancies of your country and also the vacancies of other countries by location.


If you are having difficulty in understanding it then it can be understood through these pictures.


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