Most Best 10 Tips for Job Interview

How should you go for a job interview? More and more companies are searching for resources that begin with a telephone interview as it allows them to be physically connected and reach out to candidates remotely but is occupied by the appropriate features of the corporate mission. The second step may be to answer some questions after the first skimming. Let’s look at how to prepare for a job interview.   The first rule: Cannot be caught without preparation. The recruiter will actually try to get a more detailed view of the candidate through various questions. It is not impossible to prepare for this important challenge. Just follow the right steps.  
  • Answer Interview Email. Do it formally and briefly. Remember to repeat the email time and date, ask for confirmation of your receipt. If you show yourself with flexible phrases like “Need more information, don’t hesitate to contact me,” you’ll be impressed;
  • Inform yourself about the company. Well, this step is necessary for the digital age, given (right) by companies that are easy. Information will not be a real problem through websites, social pages, and online news!
  • Ask around: If you know someone who works at this company, don’t worry about requesting more information to get a more complete picture;
  • If you know the name of the person you are interviewing: Same thing: Go to his / her LinkedIn profile and you will show an interest that will be appreciated;
  • Re-read the announcement, cover letter, and curriculum before the interview;
  • Finally, look at Exit: Sector is presented consistently, with the organization’s profile and style.

The answers that make the difference

  Yes, there are objective questions that are considered more difficult for a job interview but do not panic. Find out how to proceed but how to respond.  

1. Why did you leave the previous job / Why do you want to leave your current job?

Try to give a positive answer, even if your previous job had a negative episode. Get short, don’t doubt the conversation. Emphasize why you want to work for the organization you are applying for, focusing on achieving your goals.

2. What is your reaction to the criticism?

Be bold Answer that you are only human, and you hope to make mistakes but you will learn. Take for example constructive criticism for the example you found.

3. What is your source of inspiration?

Talk about your values ??and ambitions, not about money. Emphasize self-identifying things as needed and the goals you set yourself to achieve: Always connect the motivational lever with these two elements.

4. Are you applying to another company?

Tell the truth: If the answer is yes, don’t bother saying it: Requesting is actually a very interesting quality. Demonstrates selectivity in choosing the position to apply for.

5. What do you have for other candidates?

Bet you are what sets you apart and your results. Be honest and you have no problem saying business episodes where you have grown in your qualities.

6. Is there anything in that situation that doesn’t appeal to you?

Show that you have read the job description correctly. If there are aspects that do not prohibit you, speak it openly with a positive emphasis.

7. Are you comfortable getting orders from high quality?

Demonstrate the ability to work in groups and give examples of your past work.

8. Tell us about the mistakes you made and what you learned from them.

Answer this question honestly, but avoid mentioning embarrassing or very personal cases.

9. How much would you like to earn?

Learn about market value before interviewing. Feel free to expect what you expect and are open to comparison based on your ability.

10. Do you have any questions?

Avoid the answer of “no”, then have at least one prepared question related to the situation or organization; You will provide the idea that you are a passionate person that reflects the information communicated to him. Asking how much time it will take to get a response and the next step in the selection process is being asked. ”

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