NABTEB May/June 2021 Examinations Timetable / Good Luck!

This article is for the candidates who want to know about the timetable National Business and Technical Examination Board. Some people think that the NABTEB May-June exam is over but it is not so, if you want to know the exact timetable for the NABTEB May-June exam then read this article till on.


We are pleased to inform you that the National Business and Technical Examination Board has released the full timetable for the 2021 NABTEB exam for school candidates. 2021 NABTEB May-June- Exam Time Table is mentioned below.


According to the information received, the National Business and Technical Examination 2021 will start on Wednesday 10th November 2021 and will end on Friday 10th December 2021.


NABTEB May-June 2021 Examinations Time Table


To brighten your future, you need to arrive on the day of the exam before the exam time so that you do not miss the exam due to being late.


Below is the official NABTEB 2021 full schedule for all Arts, Commercial, and Science students. Make a note of your exam dates and make sure you arrive on time for the exam. Save the official NABTB 2021 schedule below.


Wednesday 10th November 2021

  • Alternative to Agric Practical (9:00am-11:00am)


Tuesday 16th November 2021

  • Alternative to Biology Practical (9:00am-11:00am)


Wednesday 17th November 2021

  • Alternative to Chemistry Practical (9:00am-11:00am)
  • Alternative to Geography Practical (12:00pm-2:00pm)


Thursday 18th November 2021

  • Practical Information and Technology (ICT) (9:00am-11:45am)


Friday 19th November, 2021

  • Alternative to Physics Practical (9:00am-11:45am)


Monday 29th November, 2021

  • Commerce (9:00am-12:20pm)
  • Geography (2:00pm-5:00pm)


Tuesday 30th November, 2021

  • Biology (9:00am-11:20am)
  • Literature in English (2:00pm-5:00pm)


Wednesday 1st December, 2021

  • Financial accounting (9:00am-11:30am)


Thursday 2nd December, 2021

  • Chemistry Essay & Obj (9:00am-11:30am)


Friday 3rd December, 2021

  • Physics (9:00am-11:45am)


Saturday 4th December, 2021

  • Office Practice (9:00am-12:20pm)


Monday 6th December, 2021

  • Mathematics (9:00am-1:00pm)
  • ICT (2:00PM-4:40pm)


Tuesday 7th December, 2021

  • English language (9:00am-1:10pm)


Wednesday 8th December, 2021

  • Economics (9:00am-12:20pm)
  • Agric Science (1:00pm-3:30pm)


Thursday 9th December, 2021

  • Government (9:00am-12:00pm)


Friday 10th December, 2021

  • Civic (9:00am-11:30am)
  • CRS/IRS (3:30pm-6:00pm)


Above is the basic NABTEB 2021 schedule for Nigerian students. Feel free to let us know if you have any questions using the comment box at the bottom of this page and we will fix it.

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