NHSP Registration Portal 2021 Apply for National Social Housing Program

NHSP Registration Portal: The National Social Housing Program (NSHP) portal nshp.gov.ng has been opened. Now you can fill the NSHP application form through this portal to get affordable housing and employment. It is a housing component in President Muhammadu Buhari’s economic status plan.


This national social housing program is being run by the federal government whose main objective is to provide affordable housing and millions of jobs for Nigerians.


NSHP was established as an individual, cooperative, or group of at least 2 million Naira to facilitate the construction of houses for everyone.


Even when you live in the house, you can make small payments for months.


The National Social Housing Program allows you to easily own a house in any part of the country with the minimum amount in Nigeria.


Under this program, any citizen in Nigeria can easily own a house in any part of the country with a minimum of money.


Do you know about the National Social Housing Program? If not, what is the National Social Housing Program through this post? You will get to know all the information about the as well as the simple way of NSHP registration.


This Housing Program (NSHP) will only allow you as a homeowner, as an individual, or as a co-op, for less than 2,000,000 to easily become a homeowner in any part of Nigeria.


NHSP Registration Portal for National Social Housing Program

View Details and Apply


NSHP Portal: nshp.gov.ng – Available Home Options under NSHP


Here we are wishing the Nigerian family all the best as well as some proposals that you should know.

2-Rooms (i Bedroom House) for N2,000,000

3-Rooms (2 Bedroom House) for N2,750,000

4-Rooms (3 Bedroom House) for N3,500,000


Easy payment option with lowest interest rates in Nigeria.


If you want to know whether the nshp.gov.ng portal is open now?


So our answer is yes. To implement this scheme you need to know on the official portal for NSHP registration. Keep in mind that the application form to be applied for this scheme is free, so do not pay anyone.


It is worth noting that the channel is accessible from anywhere in Nigeria and support is available via the official website


Check your NSHP Registration – Eligibility

Become a Nigerian citizen

Age should be more than 18 years.

A valid national identity * card.

You will then need to complete your profile by submitting your personal details, housing preferences (the house you are applying for), etc.

Show reliable earnings


NSHP Objectives NSHP is set to achieve the following objectives:

  • Nigeria builds 300,000 homes for low-income people
  • Create 1.8 million jobs in the construction value chain for Nigerians.
  • Increase domestic production of building materials through economic scale.
  • Increasing homeownership for low-income people through low-income spending and alternative financing options.


To own a home, you must meet the following criteria when opening the application:


Who do I talk to if I have a problem?


The National Social Housing Program portal provides an easy-to-access platform that allows you to monitor the status of your application at every stage. Additional support is also provided through the Help Center.


Here we are discussing some of the proposals being made available for your wish.

2-Rooms (i Bedroom House) for N2,000,000

3-Rooms (2 Bedroom House) for N2,750,000

4-Rooms (3 Bedroom House) for N3,500,000


How to Apply for nshp.gov.ng | NHSP Registration Portal

We have laid out a seamless process in three simple steps. NSHP Portal Registration – NSHP Application Form Registration


For individuals:

The NSHP portal is https://nshp.gov.ng, type this into your browser (accessible via mobile or PC)

Choose Individual (for ordinary citizens of Nigeria seeking to own a home individually)

Fill your personal details e.g first name, last name, date of birth, address, etc. A. Enter your background details e.g your sector, employment status, current rent rate, average monthly income, etc

Pick your housing needs. The available options are 2-rooms (N2 million), 3-rooms (N2.75 million), 4-rooms (N3.5 million).

Choose where you want your home e.g the state, local government of choice, etc



For Cooperatives:

Type the NSHP portal https://nshp.gov.ng it into your browser (accessible via mobile or PC).

Select Cooperatives (for registered groups and their members) Fill in the basic information of the registered group such as CAC registration number, state, email, etc.

Fill in the details of the key officers and posts held

Enter group background details such as the number of active members, contributions, etc.

Select the status of the beneficiary accommodation, Aiga of choice, etc.

Answer and submit all required questions


For Partnerships:


Type the NSHP portal https://nshp.gov.ng it into your browser (accessible via mobile or PC).

Choose a partnership (for Nigerian developers and manufacturers)

Choose the distribution partner section you want to manage.

Fill in all required participant details


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