NIA Recruitment 2021 Entrance Examination Schedule and Guidelines

Schedule and Guidelines for National Identification Authority (NIA) Recruitment Entrance Exam 2021 Edition.


If you have successfully submitted an online application through the NIA Recruitment Portal, you will receive an SMS notification from the Office of the Chief of Civil Services (OHCS). This SMS contains more details about the exam.



Date: Monday, 19th July 2021

Time: 8:00 am to 9:00 am prompt





Examination Requirement

To access the online test applicants are required to use the following;


  • A desktop/laptop computer with an Internet browser (ie Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari)
  • Stable internet access for the duration of the exam.


Account Verification

Applicants will be given a password. The index number of an applicant will be his / her Ghana Card Personal Identification Number (Ghana Card PIN). Upon receipt of this, applicants should visit the exam portal accessible through the application menu at or and follow the steps given below:


  • Click “SIGN IN”
  • Type in your “Index Number (Ghana Card PIN)” and “Password” received from OHCS
  • Verify your account name


Examination Structure and time

It is a test of questions related to cognitive ability (critical reasoning) and authority, answering forty (40) minutes, thirty (30) questions. Each question has a possible answer. Applicants are expected to choose the best option that agrees with the chosen answer. (Tick your answer).



To participate in the test, applicants must pay a one-time non-refundable fee of GHc50.00 as a test fee. Service charges from your network or service provider apply. Applicants will be informed about the payment period. On the day of payment, see “Payment Process” in item 4.0 below for more information.




  • Read all instructions carefully
  • Read the test terms and conditions and tick the check box on the page button to accept the test terms and conditions.
  • Do not use the “Close” or “Back” button in your internet browser after the test starts. This will result in the loss of test data, which has not yet been submitted. Instead, use the “Previous” and “Next” buttons to move between questions.
  • Review your script before submitting it.
  • At the end of the test, you will not be able to return to make any changes after clicking “Submit”.
  • Do not apply for outside help during the test. If it is reported and proven, your results will be discarded.




  • For “Multiple Choice” type questions, the results are displayed immediately after the test. Applicants need to check their results and wait for further guidance from OHCS / NIA.
  • The NIA reserves the right to use test results for decision-making.


Payment Process

Pay by mobile payment on the OHCS exam portal by following the procedure below;


  • Click “SIGN IN”
  • Log in with your credentials (Index Number and Password)
  • Under the All Exam category, Click “Take Exam”
  • Click “BUY NOW” and follow the Mobile Money Payment process below


Mobile Money Payment Process


  • Click “Mobile Money”
  • Select service provider (MTN, Tigo, Airtel, Vodafone)
  • Input Mobile Money number
  • Click “Submit”
  • Authorize payment on your mobile device
  • Continue the process on your computer device
  • Click “Complete”


Note: In the event of an interruption during Step 5 of the Mobile Money Payment process, you may need to check your mobile network acceptance system and activate your pending transaction using (Airtel Tigo Money – * 110 #, MTN – * 170).


For further inquiries, kindly call: 0302 963 897/ 0302 941 704

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