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The Federal Government of Nigeria has released the Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme (NJFP) 2022 with the support of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The NJFP is meant to reduce the impact of national unemployment and rising unemployment rates.


Would you like to apply for NJFP? If yes, then read the information given herewith pleasure so that you do not face any problem or problem in applying on portal.


Yes, you can apply for Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Program 2022 at portal. The NJFP portal is currently operational, before applying, go through all the necessary information.


Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme (NJFP) 2022


A purpose

The Nigeria Jubilee Fellow Programme aims to place 20,000 highly skilled Nigerian youth in private and public sector organizations spread across a variety of sizes and industries across Nigeria.



A 12-month full-fledged payment Programme designed to increase their employment, build leadership skills, and transfer skills on the job.



Fellows will receive a monthly stipend. It will be covered by NJFP for the first year.



Benefits to Your Organisation’s Participation:


Cost savings – No HR agency, no advertising costs, no long triple-round interview process, or salary costs. NJFP has covered you.


Increase productivity – Extensive access to highly skilled candidates with relevant edge skills with your organization that will help increase your team productivity.


Improved Brand Image – Promoting your corporate social responsibility work and showing commitment to returning community engagement to the Programme will contribute to a positive brand image for your organization.


Expanded Network – You will be part of the NJFP network of national and regional private and public sector entities and gain access to a wide pool of experienced, employable young Nigerian skills.


Enhanced Policy Impact – Access to a national forum to discuss intentional public policy reform on education, employment, and relevant industrial policy issues.


The Nigeria Jubilee Fellow Program provides three broad areas of potential engagement for private and public sector employers.


  1. The private sector is important for the development of the Nigerian economy, through which it can create employment, provide goods and services, contribute to tax revenue and increase capital. Strategic efforts such as the NJFP will be critical of Nigeria’s social and economic development in order to enable young people to contribute to the expansion of the private sector.
  2. The Nigeria Jubilee Fellow Programme aims to provide 20,000 highly skilled Nigerian youth to private and public sector organizations spread across different types, sizes, and industries across the country over a 12-month period of employment to increase their employment. The Programme offered is leadership skills and transfer work skills.
  3. The NJFP is committed to contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals and seeks to assist sectors and industries that play a key role in shaping Nigeria’s future. The Programme targets a wide range of sectors including start-up economics, innovation, and creative industries, the digital and technology sector, the green economy sector, financial services, major government and international development agencies, research and development, agriculture, real estate, construction, transportation, and Healthcare. In other words, there is room for every organization in this Programme.


Options to Participate

The Programme provides three broad areas of potential engagement for employers in the private and public sectors. These territories are not mutually exclusive, and companies are invited to join as partners in multiple territories.


Host Organisation

Provide fellows with the opportunity of meaningful space for twelve months, employing them in sufficient quantities throughout the period. Host companies will need to be assessed before signing up.


Knowledge Partner

Contribute to fellows with professional guidance, thematic and art skills and skill enhancement through mentoring, coaching and e-learning opportunities.


Financial/Material Contributor

Contribute to the Programme with financial or physical resources (co-workers’ stipends, insurance, IT equipment, etc.)


If you are interested in this Fellows Programme, use the link ( to apply and learn more.



If you want to apply for NJFP then you may be asked about this question so prepare yourself thoroughly and go ahead.


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