Nigerian Navy Salary and Ranks 2020 / 2021

Nigerian Navy Salary and Ranks 2020 / 2021: The salary range of new Nigerian Navy officers, such as the Nigerian Police, Air Force, and Army, is given from the lowest to the highest according to their rank. The highest rank in the Nigerian Navy is the Admiral of the Fleet and its commissioned officer is the lowest medium shipman.


For those who want to join the Nigerian Navy directly through the Direct Short Service Course (DSSC) or their Short Service Course (SSC), you should be aware of the different ranks and you should be aware of how much monthly or annual salary the Navy personnel have to pay. Earnings?


Like other Nigerian armed forces, the navy has separate benefits in addition to the monthly salaries paid to men and officers.


If you are interested in joining the Nigerian Navy, you can visit their recruitment portal at After registration, you will need to fill out a recruitment form and possibly take an exam and if you are on the successful list of Nigerian Navy exam passers, you have a chance to be selected for the interview.


We are advising applicants wishing to join the Nigerian Navy as a graduate to get past DSSC questions that will help them understand the type of Navy questions in their exams. In addition to knowing the positions between the Nigerian Navy divided into commissioned and non-commissioned officers, you will find current naval personnel, defense personnel, Nigerian Navy commands and bases, warships, motto, vision, and missions, etc. The scale will enable others with the necessary knowledge through tests to join the Navy.


Naval training usually takes 6 months before your rank is handed over to you. OK, know that salaries in the Nigerian Navy are paid according to rank. The order is in your way, but it’s still fun in almost every country.


We have listed below the salary structure of commissioned officers of the Nigerian Navy and senior officers of the Navy.


Nigerian Navy Salary and Ranks 2020 / 2021

Nigerian Navy Rank (Commissioned Officer)

Below are the ranks in the Nigerian Navy

Admiral of the Navy He can also be called Grand Admiral. The title refers to a high-ranking naval officer. The move is accessible but equivalent to a Field Marshal in the Nigerian Army and a Nigerian Air Force Marshal

Admiral This is usually related to the Chief of Naval Staff and he can achieve the last rank in the Nigerian Navy. This rank is equivalent to that of Air Marshal and General of the Nigerian Army in the Air Force

Deputy Marine Hero. This is the rank of Senior Commissioned Naval Flag Officer. It’s like a lieutenant general.

Rear – Admiral

Commodore, he is a commissioned officer.

Captain, he is one of the senior officers in the Navy.

Order. It is a medium naval division.

Lieutenant Commander. This commission refers to the rank of officer. Also, it is usually senior among junior officers.


Sub-Le. It is a sub of the previous rank and it is subordinate. The equivalent of a lieutenant in the Nigerian Army and a flying officer in the Nigerian Air Force.

Middle Shipman. This is the lowest rank for commissioned officers in NN. This is a person who is training to be a commissioned officer and his rank is equivalent to that of a pilot officer in the Nigerian Air Force.


Nigerian Navy Rank (Non-Commissioned Officer)

Chief Petty Officer of the warrant

Chief Petty Officer

Petty officer

Top rating

Enabled rating

General rating



Nigerian Navy Salary structure 2020

Accurate information on the salary structure of the Nigerian Navy for non-commissioned officers cannot be found online. This is because the scope of the new naval pay has not yet been made public, but a report in a leading newspaper shows what some high-ranking Nigerian naval officers currently collect as a year’s salary.

  • The Admiral of the Nigerian Navy earns M16,303,140 per year.
  • Vice Admiral H13,363,229 earned annually.
  • Real-Admiral earns H12,038,945 annually.
  • Commodores earn H7,385,856 annually.
  • The captain earned an annual H3,715,859.
  • Commanders earn about 3,380,086 annually.
  • Lieutenant commanders earn from N2,558,956 – H2,976,052 per year. Lieutenants earn from W 2,404,037 – 2,789,818 per year. The sub-lieutenant earns from N2,255,911 – W 2,630,801 per year. Mid-shipmen earn from H2,077,875 – N2,245,909 annually. The Navy’s Warrant Officer HI earns from 908,718 – H 2,061,520 per year. Master Warrant Officer ML earns 783,029 – NL, 962,697 per year. Warrant Officer earns 022,320 – ml, 192,499 annually from HI. Cadets (training) earn M471,038 – M534,773 per year. Nigerian Navy Salary and Ranks 2020 / 2021


Nigerian Navy Salary Structure for Commission Officers (2020)

Sr. NN Rank Salary (pa) Salary (pm)
1 Admiral H16,303,140 HI,358,595
2 Vice-Admiral H13,363,229 141,413,602
3 Rear Admiral H12,038,945 HI,003,245
4 Commodore H7,385,856 H615,488
5 Captain H3,715,859 H309,655
6 Commander H3,380,086 H281.674


The figures above are the limits achieved by the senior staff of this Navy. The packages and allowances of other military agencies in the country are almost the same as the figures above. Think of the Naval Command’s goal/slogan as “Overward Tojiar”.


Before joining the Nigerian Navy, you need to know about its officers and the Nigerian Navy rank for salary structure that NN officers are paid on an annual basis. This will help you to organize the necessary information because the army has everything about orders, classification, and discipline.


This article outlines the Nigerian Navy, especially its commissioned and non-commissioned officers. It represents the highest to lowest annual earnings for both senior staff and junior officers.


The Chief of Naval Staff (CNS) is the sole head of Nigeria’s naval operations and also the head of Nigeria’s naval command centers, along with other top military personnel in that order. He is seen as the most senior of all his officers, such as the highest-ranking officer in the Nigerian Navy.


Since the Nigerian Navy is a military branch of the country’s territorial waters, it is the responsibility of the Chief of Naval Staff, the highest-ranking naval officer, to report to the Chief of Defense Staff, who then reports to the Minister of Defense and then the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.


There are two ways to join the Nigerian Navy; Either directly through the Short Service Course (DSSC), or through the Short Service Course (SSC). The recruitment process is usually posted on their official portal


Interested applicants must have a thorough knowledge of the current name of the Chief of Naval Staff, other top naval commanders, and their rank, as well as the names of the Nigerian Navy warships in various departments in that country.


Navy Past Questions and Answers for DSSC in the vicinity of Naval Base etc. which includes Mathematics, English, and General Knowledge are currently for sale on this website.


The standard military training period of the Nigerian Navy is six months and it is usually conducted at a naval base in Port Harcourt. There, you are taught and trained on how you need to swim, parade, communicate, defense tactics, combat, and other skills in your military career. For both training commission and non-commissioned officers.


We have defined various positions in the Nigerian Navy for both commissioned and non-assigned officers and their pay structure.


What is your focus on the salary package of these naval officers listed above?

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