Npower Latest Requirements for Physical Verification Exercise

Npower Physical Verification Exercise Requirements – If you are an applicant of Npower Batch C then this news is important for you. Which is very important for you to know. NPower Management is all set to start physical verification exercises in some states, which is good news.


But with this, it has also been heard that the exercise of physical verification is going on in some parts of the country.


Right now it is just gossip as the date of the physical verification exercise is not yet officially announced by the management.


So in such a situation, you should know some essential things that can help you due to the physical verification screening exercise. That’s why we are sharing some important things here, understand them and benefit them.


Educational documents are a common requirement without which you cannot join any job, recruitment, internship, etc. So it is very important to have it with you on time. Is


Further, the applicant must remain present at the screening venue till they are cleared by the officials of NPower who will be present to interview them.


Well, the rest of the requirements for physical verification screening are listed below:

  • Your academic credentials including your degree details of the result
  • NYSC Discharge Certificate
  • Local government certificate of origin
  • Age declaration certificate
  • Print your bank verification number
  • Two passport photos and your valid ID card
  • Your nPower online printout showing your nPower reference number.


Applicants will be asked to submit the following details when they go for the physical test:

  • His full name matches his BVN.
  • Their residential address details
  • Local government residence
  • Your residence status
  • Your mother’s maiden name and the year you graduated from school.
  • Your phone number and email address.


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