Apply for Internships Program 2020 at OPEC Fund for International Deployment

OPEC Fund offers an internships program to enable students from a variety of academic backgrounds to gain work experience with an international organization.


The internships program lasts two to six months and is designed to:


Provide a framework to support students employed in any OPEC funding department so that the focus is on enriching the student experience;


Provide a broad experience so that students gain experience working for an international organization; and


Give students the opportunity to understand the vision, mission, and related values ​​of the OPEC Fund.


Interns are recruited in different departments/units on the basis of their interest and qualifications and departmental requirements.


OPEC Fund Internships Program 2020


The internships program provides an opportunity to focus on one or more of the following:


Public sector activities;

Private sector and trade finance activities;


Financial management;

Risk management;

Strategic planning and financial services;

Internal audit;

Human resources;


Minister of Communications;

Valid service; and information technology.


Work assignments performed by interns may include:


Conducting research;

Writing documents;

Organizing information; and

Assisting employees with their day-to-day work.


Eligibility criteria


Applicants must be between the ages of 19 and 25 and must be enrolled in a graduate program (at least two years) or in a graduate program.


Alternatively, applicants may be recent graduates who have graduated a maximum of one year before the application deadline.


Applicants must be:


Proficient in speaking English. Knowledge of additional languages ​​(such as French, Spanish, and Arabic) is a resource;


Computer literacy in standard software applications (Microsoft Office);


Interested in OPEC funding;


Able to demonstrate cultural awareness; and


Able to demonstrate the core values ​​of OPEC funds (integrity, empowerment, excellence, innovation, community) to


How to apply for OPEC Fund Internships 2020


The candidates have to submit the online application form and you can use https://opecfund.org/ to make it possible.


Candidates must submit:


A curriculum vita (CV);


Confirmed / Graduate student attesting to the applicant a copy of their university diploma or equivalent, or an original letter from the university/school;


Shows a copy of his most recent university tape, a GPA or equivalent; and


A brief statement in English (about 150-250 words) indicates his motivation for the application.


Successful candidates must be able to present a valid health or medical insurance policy for Austria or have a similar certificate proving the candidate will be fully covered from the point of view of treatment for the duration of the program.


Due to the huge number of applications, OPEC funds will only enter for further communication with shortlisted candidates.


Also Check: OPEC Fund Young Professional Development Program (YPDP)




All applications must be in English;

Upload details and transcripts under the ‘Additional Documents’ section of the application form; And

Answer all the questions in the application form.


Good Luck!

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