OPEC Fund Young Professional Development Program (YPDP) 2020

OPEC Fund Young Professional Development Program (YPDP) 2020 – OPEC funds are looking for candidates with a dedication to reform around the world who show academic excellence and related skilled experience.


OPEC funds are quite excited about hearing from people willing to assist developing countries to face their toughest challenges in advancing social, environmental, and financial progress.


OPEC Fund Youth Professional Development Program (YPDP) 2020


Such individuals should apply for the OPEC Fund Youth Professional Development Program (YPDP) 2020


As a result, it is a structured bi-annual program designed for young professionals for careers in international development in OPEC member countries.


What does the YPDP offer?


After individuals efficiently complete a two-year program, they may be offered a job on the OPEC fund, based mostly on their efficiency and business needs.


OPEC YPDP 2020 Eligibility


OPEC member countries should be national;

Must be 30 years of age or younger;

Master degree holder

Be able to demonstrate outstanding academic credibility;

Must be fluent in English and proficient in at least one other language;

Specialists in development, engineering, economics, finance, business administration, law, information technology, human resources or any other field for managing OPEC funds;

Be able to work in an international, multicultural and diverse environment;

Understands the mandate of OPEC funds; and

Be prepared to work with OPEC funds in Vienna for at least two years after the completion of YPDI, if any position is offered.


Application Deadline


The deadline to apply is September 21, 2020. Successful applicants are selected at the end of a rigorous selection process. People with YPDP are expected to respond within two weeks.


How to apply for the OPEC Fund Youth Professional Development Program 2020


Interested applicants can apply online on the OPEC Fund for international development website (opecfund.org), documents required to apply:


A YPDP online application form

A Curriculum Vitae (CV)

An application essay (in Word or PDF format)

Academic certificates and transcripts.


Important concern


Please make sure you meet the minimum eligibility criteria described above;


Please add utility essays and tap the “Forward Paperwork” section of the material type;


To address this please submit a word and email. Email us at ypdp@ofid.org with details of the new contact so that the usability course should be changed;


Answer all questions of utility type; and


Make sure you compose your application by following the tips below.

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