When You Want To Make a Professional Reconversion, You Avoid These Mistakes

When You Want To Make a Professional Reconversion, You Avoid These Mistakes: – You can probably start the year 2021 with more plans, you want a better job with more financial satisfaction, but you also want a team to help you grow. And this satisfaction can only come when you specialize in a field or profession that is now growing in terms of employment. In fact, employers say in the latest study that in 2021 we will talk more about professional retraining and that this will be one of the great trends in the labor market in 2021 (formula). Like any newborn, it can bring mistakes, which it is best to avoid and avoid as much as possible.


Here are Some Mistakes, When You Want to Make a Professional Reconversion, You Avoid These Mistakes


Professionals Don’t Know Your Motivation for Retraining

The biggest mistake is to rush to change your profession because you have heard that it is better somewhere else or you are dissatisfied with your current job. That way you can do something that doesn’t complete you. So you should understand what you want to change. The following questions may guide you:


  • What do I want from my job?
  • What does the new job offer me in contrast to the current one?
  • Do I have the necessary skills for the new role? What should I improve?


Don’t Do Your Paperwork

In addition to analyzing motivation, it is important to research the new profession you are moving into. Talk to people who have brought careers to the field, but also to HR experts who can tell you what the new role is, what they expect from the candidates, and what will be right for you. Being conversational and inquisitive means making your change easier and even opening the door to communities where you can quickly find and offer available work.


Burn the Steps Ready for Change

When you want to change your profession, you may be tempted to apply for more jobs to see where the luck comes from. But you need a clear goal and a plan to cross the finish line. Include your plan course, certificate, apprenticeship/internship which can last for several months. Give yourself time to train and quit your current job as much as possible just because you are interested in retiring as a professional.


Do Not Customize Your CV

You may have 15 years of experience in a particular profession, but the number of years of experience will be less important if you want to make a difference. Employers will appreciate the skills you have learned and can use in another profession. All you have to do is read the job description and find out if you can use the skills you have learned so far in the new role. You are open to change by specifying what skills you have acquired for the new profession and this experience refers to the latest specialized courses you first took.


Decide On a Salary Change

In the long run, money can’t make you happy and won’t help you complete it professionally. You can end up with a higher salary, but you can end up because you don’t like what you do. And to enter a vicious circle where lack of motivation towards work can reduce your income. Think better about the income you need and how you can use your skills and talents to gain more skills. Consider the idea of ​​part-time collaboration or work in an area that you are passionate about and it may be the first step towards a career revival.


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