PSC Kenya Jobs Recruitment 2021/2022 Application Portal

PSC Kenya Jobs Recruitment: Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC) Kenya has invited applications from interested persons to fill various vacant posts. Under this recruitment 2021/2022 process of PSC Kenya, 136 posts will be recruited.


Applicants have to submit their applications online on the PSC Kenya Recruitment Portal for which the website of the department is open.


If you are going to apply for Parliamentary Service Commission Vacancy for the first time then you must know that applications through the post office, email, or hand delivery will not be accepted.


Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC) Kenya Jobs Recruitment 2021/2022




Position Name PSC Scale No. of Jobs Job Ref. No.
Senior Marketing Officer 11 1 PSC/EXT/01/2021
Sales Officer II 9 1 PSC/EXT/02/2021
Legal Counsel II 9 28 P5C/EXT/03/2021
Clerk Assistant III 8 20 PSC/EXT/05/2021
Media Relations Officer III 8 7 P5C/EXT/06/2021
Public Communications Officer III 8 3 PSC/EXT/08/2021
Research Officer III 8 3 P5C/EXT/10/2021
Accountant III 8 4 PSC/EXT/11/2021
Constituency Liaison Officer III 8 3 P5C/EXT/12/2021
Public Communications Assistant 7 2 PSC/EXT/09/2021
Media Relations Assistant 7 1 PSC/EXT/07/2021
Audio Officer II 6 19 PSC/EXT/13/2021
Legal Clerk II 6 6 P5C/EXT/04/2021
Food & Beverage Controller III 6 2 PSC/EXT/14/2021
Assistant Serjeant – At – Arms 6 8 P5C/EXT/15/2021
Secretarial Assistant I 6 4 PSC/EXT/16/2021
Artisan II 4 2 P5C/EXT/17/2021
Telephone Operator II 4 2 PSC/EXT/18/2021
Waiter Assistant 3 6 P5C/EXT/19/2021
Cook Assistant 3 6 PSC/EXT/20/2021
Office Assistant III 3 8 PSC/EXT/21/2021


How to apply for Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC) Jobs Recruitment


Interested and qualified persons are requested to make their applications ONLINE ONLY through the Parliamentary Service Commission website; or



A help-desk has been provided with the following email addresses and phone numbers to make inquiries or seek assistance regarding this recruitment.


Emails: |


Phone numbers

+254 202848000 | +254 113522445 | +254 738663100


Please note that any communication relating to the processing of the applications shall be only through the Parliamentary website, the above emails, and/ or the online recruitment system notices.

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