Rwanda Education Board Recruitment 2022 /

Rwanda Education Board Recruitment 2022 / How to Apply for REB Jobs – The Government of Rwanda has released the online application form for the recruitment of teachers for 2022. If you are looking for a government teacher job, this is a good opportunity.


You can make your place in a teacher job by applying online for your suitable vacancy at Rwanda Education Board (REB).


Rwanda Education Board (REB) Recruitment 2022


Rwanda Recruitment portal is open to recruiting new vacancies for REB. Candidates can submit the online application form by login into the Mifotra recruitment portal on or before 3rd June 2022.


REB Current Jobs List

  1. Literature in English and Kinyarwanda teacher A0
  2. Entrepreneurship and Economics teacher A1
  3. Kinyarwanda and Kiswahili teacher A0
  4. French and Kiswahili teacher A0
  5. Kiswahili and Literature in English teacher A0
  6. Religious and Ethics teacher A0
  7. Creative Performance/Fine Art/Music teacher A0
  8. History and Religious studies teacher A0
  9. History and Economics teacher A0
  10. Physics and Geography teacher A0
  11. Physics and Chemistry teacher A0
  12. Mathematics and Computer Sciences teacher A0
  13. Mathematics and Chemistry teacher
  14. Mathematics and Biology teacher
  15. Entrepreneurship teacher A0
  16. Kiswahili teacher A0
  17. Social and Religious Education teacher
  18. Mathematics and Science & Elementary Technology teacher
  19. Languages teacher
  20. Headteacher of primary school
  21. Mathematics and Biology teacher A1
  22. Mathematics and Geography teacher A1
  23. Mathematics and ICT teacher A1
  24. Mathematics and Chemistry teacher A1
  25. Physics and Chemistry teacher A1
  26. Physics and Biology teacher A1
  27. Physics and Biology teacher A1
  28. Physics and Geography teacher A1
  29. Physics and ICT teacher A1
  30. French and English teacher A1
  31. Kinyarwanda and English teacher A1
  32. French and Kinyarwanda teacher A1
  33. Geography and Entrepreneurship teacher A1
  34. History and Entrepreneurship teacher A1
  35. Kinyarwanda and Kiswahili teacher A1
  36. Kiswahili and English teacher A1
  37. Mathematics teacher
  38. Chemistry teacher A0
  39. Computer Lab attendant
  40. Mathematics and Physics teacher
  41. Biology and Physical Education teacher
  42. Integrated Sciences teacher
  43. French and Literature in English teacher A0
  44. French and Kinyarwanda teacher A0
  45. Deputy Headteacher in charge of Studies
  46. Mathematics and Entrepreneurship teacher A1
  47. Biology and Chemistry teacher A1
  48. Computer Sciences teacher A0
  49. Chemistry and Biology teacher A0
  50. Geography and History teacher A1
  51. Mathematics and Physics teacher A1
  52. Mathematics and Geography teacher A0
  53. Geography and Economics teacher A0
  54. Pre-primary and Lower primary teacher A2
  55. Literature in English teacher A0
  56. Psychology teacher A0
  57. Financial Accounting teacher A0
  58. Taxation teacher A0
  59. Auditing teacher A0
  60. Librarian A0
  61. English teacher A0
  62. French teacher A0


Application Guidelines

You should read the Application Guidelines carefully before submitting the online application so that your application is not canceled due to hurdles in the application process.


Mifotra Registration Process

Create an account to access this application


Mifotra Login Details

  • Login into the system
  • Complete your profile
  • A complete profile will make it easier to apply for jobs
  • Check your profile and update accordingly.
  • Fill in all the necessary information in the profile section. (Higher Education, Languages and References are mandatory fields).


How to apply for a Rwanda Education Board Job Recruitment

Read carefully and in total the Job description, Job Profile, and Skills required for the respective positions before proceeding to apply.

Compose a motivational letter within the provided section to support your application and submit it accordingly.

Upon submitting your application, you will receive an email notification confirming the successful receipt of your application.

Once shortlisting is completed, you will receive an email notification informing you of your application status.

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