The Definitive Guide to LinkedIn Recruiter

The Definitive Guide to LinkedIn Recruiter – LinkedIn Recruiter ( is proof that social networks have become one of the most important sources of recruitment in the market.


LinkedIn Recruiter is a tool that allows candidates on the LinkedIn Job Platform to search, call, and select.


It’s not just a matter of looking at or publishing proposals, it’s a solution that covers the whole strategy of a recruitment process.


LinkedIn as a source of recruitment


Technological developments have changed the way LinkedIn employers work. From calls and agendas with contacts, we went through the recruitment and selection process over the internet.


Although the process has been simplified, several factors need to be considered so that the use of technology is truly effective for the organization and the interests of LinkedIn employers.


The way the Internet facilitates the promotion, delays the process if you don’t know how to manage it, can increase data and a set of candidates. In this sense, there needs to be an ATS that simplifies the various steps of the process.


You can automate alerts and communication customizations for candidates at each stage of the process.


We have prepared a card guide so that you can download various models and useful templates for the recruitment process:


All LinkedIn employers can integrate their processes into our recruitment and selection software. A solution to coordinate and manage recruitment processes and meet the needs of the organization.


Thanks to the social recruitment from the initial preparation of a job to enhance the process, so that the promotion, search, and selection of candidates reached through social networks.


This national search can also be done at the discretion of the HR department. Filter by skill and expertise by candidate experience or employment status.


With ATS you will not only manage all stages of the process, but you will also monitor the ROI of your recruitment and selection channels. Total, integrated, and fully digital management.


The Definitive Guide to LinkedIn Recruiter


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How to find candidates with LinkedIn recruiters?


After searching and selecting with LinkedIn, the LinkedIn employer needs to consider the following aspects to complete the process with the following strategies:


1. Build an online reputation


That’s not enough, you have to see it too. So it’s important to have a place of your own to promote offers, a career site, brand building activation, as well as other types of messages designed for potential candidates or people interested in the organization.


The more familiar the company is, the more interest it can generate.


2. Spread the visual content


It is estimated that the human brain can process visual information sixty thousand times faster than textual information.


It is therefore suggested that information, job offers or any other material should be shared in video format, or at least pictures or images should be included, so that the promotion and reception of the message are more effective and the result is a greater benefit for LinkedIn employers’ organization and implementation.


3. Become part of LinkedIn and Facebook groups


Groups on both platforms are used for commercial purposes to be part of them and to join different groups means interacting with different search candidates including influencers and talents.


4. Share quality content and resources


To generate traffic, attract new interested parties, and create an image, the communications and marketing departments need to create different content to attract potential talent.



Article information

Video or various multimedia resources


5. Advertise on social networks


Creating digital advertising is a strategy to segment the potential audience you want to target the message to. A direct message that reaches a specific audience.


6. Remember that the process is not instantaneous


Social recruitment or social recruitment involves location, brand building, and division. Include them each time.


Therefore, to achieve the desired results, it is important to be aware of the long-term and clear goals.


During this process, a wide range of data and candidates will be added. A text sieve will enable you to exclude all candidates without meeting the requirements of the unit and selecting the most unique talents for the position.


At the very least you will create a talent database that will give you work for future work. This will not only help you find the ideal candidate for a specific offer, but it will also allow you to rent in the future.


The Definitive Guide to LinkedIn Recruiter


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How to be a good LinkedIn employer?


Platforms like LinkedIn will bring together professionals who have diverse interests to share one: keep in touch to discover new opportunities and work projects.


Knowing how the work of LinkedIn employers will reach them to engage this talent in an increasingly competitive professional context and not let anyone else take it.


For this, it is necessary to keep in mind how the profile of the employer and the organization should be created.


Your hiring profile


Creating a good personal image is important because it is important to consider the following aspects of what a recruiter would experience to a potential candidate.




This is the first thing people will see. Having an interesting image, which is also part of the personality of the candidate is important.




The profile titles should specify the person’s abilities, identity, work philosophy, and interests.




It is important to describe the differences between work and personal experience in this section, as long as they are related to work, so that employers have an idea of ​​how they are studying.


Generate traffic


This can be done through a variety of materials such as infographics, videos, pictures, and articles. Thus, not only does the personal image improve, but it also attracts potential companies.




It’s not just about experience and a good digital presence. Being able to support experience and skills through letters of recommendation brings confidence and credibility to the profile.


The Definitive Guide to LinkedIn Recruiter


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Verification of knowledge


Keywords concretely describe your professional skills. Recognizing the skills of this business to others is a positive indicator of the image of a professional.




It is especially important to participate in different groups. Being able to connect with others shows the potential for a company to monitor, enhances our communication and, as a result, affects our acquaintances or the chances of hiring a company or


Your company profile


As organizations study candidate profiles, candidates also analyze organization profiles. For this, the following aspects of the main page of the organization need to be taken care of.


The LinkedIn employer lets you insert a banner that should hold the image of the brand, announce the launch, describe specific projects, or remember organization-related or global dates.


It is advisable to change that banner regularly to refresh the first image of the organization.


It is important to describe in detail this part of the profile and briefly the type of organization and its functional philosophy as well as the details of possible communication. This is to facilitate communication and candidate-organization relations.


It is important to develop content to engage the audience from laying the foundation, image, and description of the profile. They can describe the company, other areas include infographics, pictures, videos, articles, you can specify what area you are interested in, create a brand, and attract more people to your profile.


To close, it is convenient to show those who work in the organization or are related in some way. It serves as a strategy of integration and recognition towards employees.

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