These 9 skills companies are the most sought after in 2021

These 9 skills companies are the most sought after in 2021 – Digging for new skills is most people’s New Year’s resolution. Not that that’s bad, but there are people who add skills that aren’t necessary. Therefore, you must at least find the skills useful for your future career.


Specific goals will be easier to achieve. Likewise, with skill, the easier it is and the more specific it will be. So, don’t be confused, as reported by the Forbes Human Resource Council, there are 921 skills and abilities recruiters are looking for in 2021. What are they?


9 most sought after skills for 2021

Forbes Human Resources asked 9 recruiters from various companies. Below is a list of the most sought-after skills?


Growth mentality

The desire to continue development is at the heart of this first skill. Recruiting agencies say it is more interested in recruiting people who are knowledge-hungry but not enthusiastic, than those who have good technical skills.


Because? Because in the digital age, everything changes rapidly. Those who want to learn will surely adapt to the changes that are taking place. So, that’s why you need to get rich with knowledge so you can work fast.


Continuous learning

The second skill required is the ability to continue learning. There’s no denying that they will thrive if they don’t have consistent abilities. Therefore, the desire to continue learning is necessary so that the skills you possess are still in a prominent position.


So, this doesn’t mean you don’t need to delve into new skills. However, you shouldn’t give up the skills you already possess. You have to keep developing it because persistent people are more successful when they get the chance.


One of the difficult skills you develop is the ability to speak English. Today English is the international language used for business. Therefore, don’t be surprised that many companies are looking for candidates with this skill.


Critical thinking

The ability to think critically in 2021 is urgently needed. The world after Kovid-19 is a new thing for all of humanity. It is expected that in the future it will continue to face new problems so that innovations are needed to solve the problems.


So how do you get this skill? There are three things you can do, the first is to read books to broaden your perspective. Second, socialization through the exchange of ideas. Third, it’s asking questions diligently but not looking for mistakes.



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Survival skills

Survival skills such as being habitual, being consistent, being patient, and so on are some of the skills you are looking for. Survival skill is the skill that tries to achieve success despite going through various obstacles.


This ability is possessed only by those who have risen from failure. So, if you get up tomorrow after being hit by an epidemic, instead of blaming the situation, it means your skills are needed in 2021.



Based on a defendant’s statement, recruiters need candidates who are curious about the environment, easy to adapt to new things, and brave enough to take on a challenge.



Life after an epidemic is a life you’ve never experienced before, even for most people. Therefore, recruiters are looking for people who are comfortable with change and uncertainty.



One defendant claimed that surrender was the skill or skill he was looking for the most. Getting dedicated candidates would be good for the company. Therefore, when you have been trusted, show your dedication.


Coaching mindset

The coaching mentality is a teacher mentality, honest to share, and high sympathy for those around him. People with this skill will also work well together. Therefore, the coaching mindset is highly sought after by recruiters.


Launch into a virtual world

You can’t close your eyes now that virtually everything is happening. Now, having the skills to develop in a virtual environment will be very useful in 2021.


Are you already comfortable with virtual meetings or online lessons? If you can’t, you should move immediately as it makes it easier for you.

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