Tips for a home office or a smart job – Master home office or telework

We are facing an extraordinary situation where adequate measures need to be taken to prevent the spread of COVID19. Home office or telecommuting is a solution that many companies plan to implement soon to continue their business. It is also a responsible decision on public health, each institution has a moral obligation to society and its allies.


In general, working from home has in many cases been considered as an option for flexibility or added convenience. But it will become reality, at least for a few days.


For example, in Mexico, only 4% of employees had this option. Now more than 5% of companies will implement this to continue their operations.


A lot of questions are raised for workers, and although it seems easy to work from home, it is necessary to consider some measures and take some tips to do it right and your productivity will not decrease.


Tips for a home office or a smart job


Here are some exercises that experts recommend to be able to work from home without stress, stress or conditions that affect your concentration and productivity.


1. Create a workplace indoors


You can’t work anywhere comfortably. You need to define a place where you can perform your work.


Avoid chairs or beds: It is good to have a table and a chair that are comfortable but allow you to work in a suitable position.


If you have enough space, it’s best to separate your workplace from the rest of the house; This will make it easier to disconnect when the day is over.


If this is not the case for you, just look for an area where you have good lighting, Internet access and sufficient space to be able to install your devices.


Consider the condition of the space as sufficient light; Avoid working in low light to avoid loss of sight.


The chair should be comfortable but your back and legs should be able to sit upright by touching the floor. Space should be ample and it should be in your office.


2. The boundary of a schedule


One of the disadvantages of telework is that we can easily connect to tasks, but sometimes it is difficult to disconnect.


In order to relax our body and brain, we need to set a schedule to focus our energy on those times and set our daily goals.



It requires that once you finish the day’s work, you can transmit your thoughts to something else. Being confined at home can damage your comfort and use leisure time to stay connected to the office.


Maintaining a routine can help you better deal with this situation and it will make you and other members of your family feel normal.


3. Take a scheduled break


If the schedule is important, then breaks are also important. Productivity experts recommend stopping for 5 minutes every 20 minutes.


Also, you can rest for 20 minutes while you are meditating for two hours. You can also extend your brakes after you finish an important task.


These programmed stops allow our brain to recover and be able to focus better on the way back.


Relaxation also helps at the physical level. You have to get up from the chair, spread your legs and drink water. The extra concentration can make us tired after three hours and the rest of the day we will not be able to fulfill our objectives.


Look for frequent visits to the refrigerator due to boredom, drinking water first or asking yourself if you are really hungry.


4. Set tasks and goals


Without getting someone from the company nearby, the goals you are working for can be unclear.


You need to define your day-to-day tasks yourself and write down the goals you want to achieve. This action plan will help you continue your work routine and complete the schedule.


In an environment where working out is not normal, it can take some time to get things off, but good planning always helps maintain speed and productivity.


5. Remove the redemption


While this recommendation also applies to your office practice, we should avoid being as distracted as possible while working at home.


For example, if we don’t need a phone to work, we leave it a bit off our table.


It’s also important to avoid social networks, shutting down games, distracting through windows, or avoiding direct messages with colleagues.


During the Home Office, we must have many communication channels with other associates and field managers. So when you want a higher concentration, change your availability status so they know you can’t talk right now.


6. Have meetings


Meetings should not be postponed as a result of working from home. These can be done electronically and thus maintain contact with the rest and make the necessary decisions during this time.




The good thing about smart working is increasing the need for communication. We need to maintain contact because we are far from each other.


Although in the previous consultation we stated that we need to occasionally close or reduce these communication channels to stay focused, we also need to use it consciously and strategically to continue our work routines.


The organization or team leader should set up an official communication channel and be in favor of these tools to keep the other affiliates in touch and secure.


If you have a team under your responsibility, you need to agree on how often meetings will be held and the issues they discuss. Your team needs to lead, even when they may not be in one place.


7. Household. Avoid doing homework


While at home, it seems we have leisure time, so there is a sense of confusion over telecommuting that we have time to pick lunch, wash dishes, wash clothes or wipe, but you should make it very clear to your family that your work schedule is still. It is effective and it is not time to iron your socks or shirt.


Coping with this health situation will help us to better distribute and understand the tasks in the family, because homework is not paid or recognized, but it requires time, effort and opportunity for such work. Is required


Don’t let it stop you from doing your due diligence or meeting your organization’s goals. Responsibility is also given priority. And if this is a double effort to your partner, enter the home office and become an associate partner if you are also in that home and you are equally responsible for homework. Accept responsibility and share responsibility.


And when the job is done...


If you put all these tips into practice, you should definitely end up in jail for getting good habits for the telephone, sometimes without slowing down your performance.


Other tips that can help you get more done this time around are to do an exercise routine to keep your body healthy.


Psychologists recommend interacting with family and friends, creative activities we like to do, such as painting, writing or reading. Or visit museums virtually through the Internet.


Finally, we need to talk about how we feel and what the time is for ourselves. Physical health is just as important as mental health. The most serious infectious fear. We hope that these tips help you stay calm and cope with the situation so that nervousness or stress does not fall to the ground, you are responsible for your work and you will not lose the foundation of your work performance. It’s also an event and we’ll be fine when it happens!



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