Tips for Conducting Job Interviews on Skype

Skype job interviews are a common practice in many organizations today, mainly when candidates and job offer companies are not in the same country or the same city. Many companies now opt for this tool when it comes to picking staff


Skype job interviews are very common in English or in the organization’s required language. That is why it is important to know how to prepare for a job interview in English by Skype.


Skype Interview


So, if one day you tell yourself: I have a Skype job interview and what should I do now? Below you will find several tips that can help you prepare.


Tips for Conducting Job Interviews on Skype


Below you will find a series of tips that can help you prepare for a job interview on Skype. The first thing to remember is that they will not see you in person it can be an advantage or a disadvantage, it depends on how you accept it.


Make Sure You Have a Good Internet Connection


The call is dropped, you are not listening well or you do not understand their questions correctly due to the difference between image and sound.


If you have a weak internet connection, any of these events can happen so your internet connection is very good if you can avoid wearing headphones and microphones like a telephone.


Another thing that you should keep in mind is your computer. Other programs do not open at the same time as Skype, and above all, the program is well configured.


Well, Select the Place You Are Going To Interview


Although only a small background can be seen through the screen, try to make it neutral and clean and tidy. Make sure they don’t disturb you. If you are interviewing at home, try to do it alone.


You can avoid unwanted interruptions or noise and noise from other rooms, which can distract you, the interviewer and those who give you a bad picture while interviewing over Skype.


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Clothing Reflects the Importance You Place In the Interview


Even if you do a Skype interview at home, dress like you’re doing it in person. You can trim the hair. Customize your costume with the type of company and remember that when doing a Skype interview, they will see you through a camera. You didn’t put anyone in sports or pajamas, did you?


It’s convenient that you use neutral colors (think news presenters). Avoid stripes, bright colors and printing.


You can touch a bit for color with accessories, but these are not elements of confusion. You can use earrings, bracelets, rings, watches as long as they don’t sound or use them as “objects” so that you channel your concerns. For example, start playing in an interview with a ring or a watch.


Practice, Practice and Practice


As you should not go for a job interview without having to prepare yourself, the Skype interview is similar and requires extra preparation.


Research the company, its policies, frequently list pre-accounts in Skype job interviews, and above all: rehearsals.


If you have a friend or family member with whom you can check Skype, don’t hesitate to do so. Also, if you are clear that you are going to do a job interview in another language, you should practice more, especially to make sure the interviewer understands you.


Take Care of Your Body Language


Even if you are home, sit up straight. Don’t lose your seat and watch the camera. Do not be distracted by the screen or the missing points, as they will be seen if you do not see them. This can help you place a call window just below the camera.

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