Tips for Creating a Handwritten Job Application Form

Tips for Creating a Handwritten Job Application Form – Don’t have computer and internet access to write job applications? Don’t worry, we will teach you how to apply for handwriting?


The number of new graduates each year from universities and high schools / vocational schools is not commensurate with the number of jobs available.


When looking for a job, people often focus only on the design and contents of the CV, regardless of the job application form. After all, the job application form is very important, you know.


In addition to showing interest in a vacant job position in an organization, a job application also shows the personality of the applicant.


Although job applications nowadays are usually done on computers and sent via email, there are still many people who do not have access to the use of technology.


Those of you who want to apply for a job but do not have access to the internet and computer need not be sad. Eajobscorner shows you how to properly and accurately create a handwritten job application.


Tips for creating a handwritten job application form

Earlier, Eajobscorner discussed how to apply for a job via email which can help you when applying for a job.


At this point, Hum will focus on how to write a handwritten job application form so that you can get a job in your dream place.


The company’s HR has a specific reason to ask you to write a cover letter in your own hand from time to time. One of these may be because you want to see your personality through writing.


There are several important things you should consider when writing a handwritten job application. Here are some tips from eajobscorner on how to write an application letter clearly and kindly:


Use Lined Folio Paper

To make it easier to write and determine the size of your handwritten job application letter, you need to write the job application on your lined folio paper.


You must do this because lined folio paper will make your writing neat and easy.


If you write your cover letter on a regular HVS paper, your writing is likely to be messy and italicized. Surely you don’t want your cover letter to be messy?


Mandatory use of Pen

The next tip is not to use any pencil or marker to write your cover letter.


You are only allowed to use black or blue pen ink. Zaka prefers to use black ink because it looks more formal.


Although both blue and black ink is allowed, do not use two in your cover letter. You will see unprepared and unprofessional.


Write as clearly as possible

I’m sure this one tip can be a bit complicated for some people because everyone’s writing is different.


But it’s impossible, gang! You can practice writing a job application form first before sending out the final version.


Beautiful and neatly written HRD makes your writing easier to read. It will also be easier to understand the important points you want to make in your cover letter.


Make Sure the Pages of Paper are Clean and not Stained

This is the most important! Don’t let the job application form you’ve given or sent get dirty and torn.


This will make you professional, dirty and reduce the job you are applying for. It’s actually, really, not a gang.


Take good care of your work application form, don’t allow it to get dirty and torn until it reaches HRD. Store in a container protected from water and dirt until you send it.


Last Word

Hopefully, the tips and examples we’ve given can help you get a job.


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