UBA Graduate Recruitment 2021 Programme / How to Apply

UBA has invited applications from individuals who want to join their graduate recruitment programme 2021. If you want to apply, then it is very important for you to know the information given here so that you can apply successfully for the UBA Graduate Recruitment Program.


If you have Bachelor’s degree then you are an easily eligible candidate to apply for the graduate programme on the UBA careers portal.


UBA Graduate Recruitment 2021 Programme Objective(s)


At UBA, we strongly believe that our people are critical to our success in building a sustainable and effective business in the countries we operate across Africa and beyond. We go to great lengths to source, attract, recruit, develop and retain the best talent anywhere in the world. For this, we are always trying to:


  • Provide a hazardous environment that encourages and rewards role-model performance.
  • Help our employees work with others and maintain a healthy balance between their personal lives…


United Bank for Africa is looking for young and enthusiastic graduates who are self-starting to join the UBA Graduate Recruitment Programme. Participating undergraduate trainees will be exposed to:


  1. Intensive and immersive learning
  2. About learning to work with different experienced staff
  3. Build skills that instill positive energy in the bank and build long-lasting business relationships with colleagues
  4. Research, analyze existing systems, and offer new ideas for improvement


Successful trainees will be recruited as permanent employees after completing months of intensive (learning in the classroom and on the job).


To be successful as a graduate trainee you must be willing to learn, learn, and re-learn; Interested in all aspects of the bank and always exhibits behavior that builds good relationships with colleagues.


So, if you are looking for exciting opportunities for yourself and career growth; You are the talent we are looking for!


Skills needed

  • Applicant should have knowledge of MS Suite
  • Positive attitude with a growth mentality
  • Critical and analytical thinking
  • Excellent research ability and desire to learn
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills


How to apply for UBA Graduate Recruitment Programme 2021


An interested and eligible applicant must apply online at the UBA Careers website. You can apply by following the steps given below:


Visit https://jointhetribe.ubagroup.com

If the UBA Graduate Recruitment 2021 Program is on then you can get more information by clicking on “View Role” or can proceed to apply by clicking on “Apply Now”.

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