Ways to deal with stress after dismissal and find a new job

Ways to deal with stress after dismissal and find a new job – The stress associated with losing a job can be overwhelming. How can you get rid of negative thoughts and find another job as soon as possible?


Losing a job is one of the most stressful experiences in life. For this reason, in addition to the obvious financial worries, dismissal or dismissal can also affect mood, relationships with loved ones, and mental and emotional health.


This is because the jobs are how we see ourselves as well as how others see us affect what you can do to deal with the pressure of losing your job?


Ways to deal with stress after dismissal and find a new job


Let yourself be sad in the first place


Pain reduction is a natural response. Even if you don’t like your job, it probably makes you feel purposeful and disciplined in life, so it’s normal to get hurt or frustrated or question your identity and professional and personal skills.


Give yourself time to adjust to the new reality and think, usually in life such negative emotions will pass. You can write in a magazine that you think is important, but avoid blaming yourself. It is very easy to criticize yourself but during this time you have to believe in yourself and your skills.


When it comes to losing a job, it’s best to think of it as a temporary problem that can happen to anyone: Most of us face this problem at least once in our lives. See what you can learn from this experience and tell yourself that you will find solutions to recreate things.


Learn to manage stress


To reduce stress, practice: In addition to improving your mood, you will feel fit and physically fit. Allow only jogging or weight training or walking in the park. Also, choose dietary supplements that fight stress and tension, such as magnesium and vitamin B6, based on menthol or valerian.


Don’t go away from family


During this difficult time, your natural reaction may be to get out of the family life and stop talking to friends. However, it has been proven that talking to loved ones and loved ones is a natural antidote to stress.


The person you are talking to will not necessarily be able to present you with the solution, but will only become a good listener who will not judge you and who will be able to encourage you with a good word.


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How to get a new job fast

To find a new job as soon as possible, follow these steps:


Update everything


Instead of clicking “apply” for each job, look closely at what you’re doing, first of all, focus on how you present yourself to employers.


Before you start looking for a job, update your CV and LinkedIn profile. Be sure to include your skills and work experience. So will you do research on job markets and positions for qualified people?


Especially if you are doing something new, more challenging or doing something you have never done, you need to add your own resume and letter of intent.


Consider what you’ve done so far, your professional life, but organize your personal life (organizing events, etc.) and the details in a way that suits your new aspirations.


Emphasize clearly what you want


If you define a great job, it’s hard to find another job. Therefore, before you go too far in the job hunt, make sure you really know what you are looking for.


You can ideologically make a list of what you want from the job: what position you are in, how much money, if you want to get promoted, what agenda you adopt, etc., so that your mind I am looking for you as a blueprint and thus with your expectations Be able to compare a job offer.


Inform yourself


If you know exactly what you want, you can apply for a job or directly on the website of some company, but not before looking for those employers: what are the policies of the company, what questions do you usually ask in an interview, what salary can you wait for ( If possible, get the opinion of former employees or current employees).


Keep in touch with your friends and acquaintances


Personal networking of friends and acquaintances can prove to be one of the best ways to get a new job. In addition to the fact that you have the opportunity to hire faster than you think, if your friend or acquaintance works there or knows someone who works for that company, you have the clarity that you can get the idea that you are waiting for a new job. So if they hear any work for you, don’t be ashamed to ask people with honest faith.


You can go one step further and contact your former high school or college colleagues who work in the same field as you and ask them if they know of any vacancies.


Consider a temporary job


If the situation becomes desperate, consider a temporary job. It may not be what you dreamed of, but instead of sitting at home with rates or submitting bills, think that there is no shame in temporarily accepting the job you are eligible for. Or for which you have the skills, if you are doing it before, it is not.


So, apply to fixed-term jobs, some of which come from your experience and what you want and for others, it may not be what you actually want, but the next few months bring money for you.


To be able to. In addition to these, you can choose from here both good recommendations for your future work and life experiences that may be useful in the future.


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