When recruiters want to know why you want to leave your current job?

Employers have many favorite questions they can ask you in a job interview. Some of them seem immature to you and you do not understand their purpose. However, it is important to have some good answers that can get you to your desired job.


It is important to be equipped with the best answers to employers’ questions, as the HR department can extract many explanations from the information you receive. Some interview questions reveal how creative you are and others are more subtle, making the employer want you to understand their less obvious features. A common question when you are admitted to a job interview is “Why do you want to leave your current job?” Here’s what his purpose and the correct answer should look like.


The company wants to know where the competition went wrong

No matter what region you come from, any organization is a competition for an employer. Therefore, new employers want to know how to avoid you, how to improve the benefits offered to your current employees, and how to keep you in your company for a longer period of time to better understand who is dissatisfied with your old job. An expensive process for the organization, and better avoided.


What causes you to leave their resources?

If a candidate stays in an organization for 5 years and feels there is no place to leave and for less than a year from another employer for the same reason, the first candidate who is more likely to get an offer is more likely to have realistic expectations. So, when writing the answer to this question, be sure to keep in mind the context of the current work. If the situation does not match the company’s standards, there may be a problem with your reasonable response.


Interview questions. The employer wants to know what your general mood is

Most of the time resigning from a job brings with it some negative emotional situations. In the end, you didn’t like or remember the job and it confirmed to you that you wanted to make a change. On the one hand, it is very important, to be honest with your answer. The distance between the headquarters and the house can bother you and now there is the idea of ​​working for this company 10 minutes away from where you smile but what you don’t know is the company headquarters. There are plans to relocate to another area of ​​the city in the future. It’s a perfectly predictable situation, but still, it’s better to say what bothers you in the old job than waking up to the same story a few months later.


On the other hand, try not to complain too much. An employee with a lot of dissatisfaction can have a lot of expectations and in terms of recruitment, it can seem like an unbearable and risk factor in terms of the morale of other employees. You can be an ideal candidate in terms of training, experience, and knowledge, but you can lose your job if you do not have the necessary attitude.


The answer to this question can tell you a lot about yourself and the future of the company that invited you for an interview, so it’s worth thinking about from home. You should not lie, but your answers should not be exaggerated. Always try to create something special for every company you visit.

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