World Health Organization (WHO) Nigeria Job Recruitment 2022

World Health Organization (WHO) Nigeria Job Recruitment 2022: The World Health Organization (WHO) is an organization responsible for international public health issues under the auspices of the United Nations. The company was founded on April 7, 1948. This birthday is celebrated as World Health Day.


Each country can become a member of the WHO without exception. UN member states wishing to become members of the UN must sign the provisions of the WHO Constitution.


The World Health Organization works worldwide to promote health, protect the world, and serve the vulnerable. Currently, the WHO has 193 member countries, 19 with six regional offices and 149 country offices, including one in Nigeria.


World Health Organization (WHO) Nigeria Job Recruitment 2022

Organizations offer professionals a unique opportunity to help protect and support the health of people around the world. Candidates nominated for an international fixed-term with WHO can be assigned to any office of the organization worldwide.


To explore the many opportunities and benefits you need to join the WHO, use the organization’s career portal (https://www.who.int/careers).


When you visit this portal for WHO Nigeria Recruitment 2021, you will see some such interfaces as you can see in the picture below.


As per your requirement, you can apply for a job in any of these categories:


  • The number 1 link indicated in the picture allows you to apply to WHO Nigeria External Jobs, and;
  • The number 2 link allows you to apply for World Health Organization Nigeria Internal Jobs, and;
  • The number 3 link allows you to implement the WHO Internship Programme 2022.


Click on the external and internal link and type in the name of your country in the location section. Write for example Nigeria and search by search button, and review the list of all the current jobs.


Follow the screenshot to understand



Select the job position in view of your educational qualification, experience, and knowledge and proceed to apply

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