YEA Recruitment Portal For 2021/2022 News, See True/False

YEA Recruitment 2021 portal is open for new applicants, is it really true or any fraud.


Earlier this week some news spread on social media and other blogs indicating that the YEA Recruitment Portal is open to new applicants.


A few days after most bloggers published this publication, YEA’s management issued an official statement denying their publication.


An official statement issued by the Department of Corporate Affairs, Youth Employment Agency (YEA) urged the general public to beware of any misinformation related to the agency.


“Therefore, the public is advised to beware of any false information about the agency, if not through the agency’s official communication.”


See the Official Statment Released by the Management of YEA


The Management of the Youth Employment Agency (YEA) has sighted on social media channels, news of a recruitment portal captioned “YEA RECRUITMENT PORTAL OPENED” urging prospective job seekers to log on.


The Agency expressly denies the creation of the purported portal for the purpose of engaging the youth into the existing modules.


It is a figment of the imagination of the authors of that piece of information to deceive the unsuspecting public.


On point of fact, the Agency has a stake in the government’s One million Jobs initiative as announced by the Finance Minister with its current focus on the flagship projects, the YEA JOBCENTRE, Artisan Directory, Work Abroad, etc, as the game changer and panacea to the unemployment situation of the youth.


The Agency has the Jobcentre portal and its recruitment portal which is published in the Daily Graphic and the Agency’s official platforms for any recruitment.


Thus, the YEA has not opened another portal for the same purpose of the employment unto the traditional modules as implied in the information by the bloggers.


The Agency is currently focused on helping to reduce COVID-19 spread and is in the process of *signing a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ghana Health Service* to recruit some youth unto the modified Community Health Workers (CHWs) module which will be duly published on all the Agency’s platforms.


Thus, the public is advised to be wary of any false information bandied about the Agency when it is not coming through the official communication channels of the Agency.



Corporate Affairs Directorate


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