Zambia Police Recruitment News for 3000 Police Officers

A very good news has come out about Zambia Police Recruitment 2022-2023 for the interested people who want to join Zambia Police.


News about 3000 Zambia Police Officers Recruitment in 2022


A statement by Ambrose Lufuma, Acting Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security, revealed that the government will plan to recruit 3,000 police officers in 2022 if they are granted Treasury authorization.


In this regard, Mr. LUFUMA is likely to discuss in detail with the Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Finance next week.


If this happens then the process of recruiting 3000 Zambian Police Officers will start in 2022 but the training will take place in 2023.


Will the Zambian government ensure that the recruitment process is decentralized and transparent, just as teachers and health workers were recruited.


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